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Guest Columnist - Sooze from BabesLoveBaseball gives her All-Star selections

Today we have a guest’s our favorite baseball babe - Sooze - from BabesLoveBaseball......check out her site because she updates it throughout the day with all types of baseball news.....
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    so without further adieu, I give you Minnesota's finest - Sooze...

    Since I'm a die-hard from Minnesota, it is nearly impossible for me to pick anyone but Twins for every starting AL position and Brewers from top to bottom for the NL in real life, but here goes nothin'.

    American League
    If Joe Mauer wasn't out with a strained quad right now, you know I'd choose him in a heartbeat. For now, I'm forced to go with Ivan Rodriguez, who is batting .296 with 5 home runs and 29 RBI for the Detroit Tigers. He's Pudge and we love him.

    First base could go to the Canadian Crusher, Justin Morneau, who is the reigning AL MVP, but... who is Justin Morneau, again? This corner goes to Big Papi. David Ortiz (photo) is batting .333 with 10 home runs and 41 RBI for the Red Sox.

    At second base, Robinson Cano is a shoo-in, but Placido Polanco is quickly gaining my favoritism, driving in 30 runs and batting .335 this season.

    Shortstop goes to Derek Jeter, who is miles ahead of even Miguel Tejada in the popularity contest. He has his own cologne, you know.

    Third base belongs to Alex Rodriguez. It just does. After the April he had, May left him looking like a rookie. But he's still A-Rod, and Mike Lowell just doesn't interest the paparazzi.

    Manny will be Manny in left field, because who doesn't love Manny's antics? He's not even close to batting .300 yet this season and has hit only 8 bombs so far, but he's playing on a Boston team that has a stranglehold on the AL East.

    Right field goes to the Angels' Vladimir Guerrero. He's a monster at the plate, already smoking 50 RBI this season with a huge .357 batting average.

    Center field is a Gold Glove toss-up between the rolling Ichiro Suzuki and the defensive prowess of Torii Hunter, who has also been swinging a hot bat this season. Ichiro is on a mad streak right now, batting .333 with 76 hits while Hunter has 12 homers and 46 RBI with a .306 average.

    National League
    It's going to be a heated race between Brian McCann and Paul Lo Duca for the NL catcher's position. McCann has been a cornerstone of the Atlanta Braves' roster while Lo Duca is on the hottest team in the NL.

    First Base is all Albert Pujols (photo). Prince Albert is riding the post-World Series season with a .292 batting average, 11 home runs and 31 RBI.

    Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley gets the nod for second due to his hot glove and even hotter bat, nailing 10 longballs so far this year to compliment his 40 runs driven in.

    New York Mets thieving shortstop, Jose Reyes is the only man for the job to tag team with Utley. With a big league-leading 30 stolen bases, Reyes is batting .315 along with some outstanding defensive skills. He's just awesome.

    Third Base will go to Reyes' fellow New Yorker, David Wright. Here's where all the ladies' votes really start to count. Wright shaved his head last month and finally started hitting the ball, accumulating a .272 average.

    The obvious choice for left field is The Slugger Himself, Barry Bonds. Chasing Hank Aaron's record this season, Bonds has 12 homers and double the RBI. Plus, the All-Star game is on his home field.

    Since Jeff Francoeur is the only actual right-fielder cool enough to top the ballots, I'll let Andruw Jones play this position. Even though Jones has had a slumpy season, everyone wants him to play well and see him in the Mid-Summer Classic in what could possibly be his last season in Atlanta.

    Centerfield will go to future Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey, Jr. The man has had more video games named after him than the years spent in the big leagues by all the other candidates combined. Carlos Beltran is great too, however. Kinda' like the 35-21 Mets.

    I want to thank Sooze for her time.....and check out her here some links to Game 1 of The Finals....

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    Sooze, what is this "vote based on who's doing well on the field" business? Don't you know you're supposed to vote for who's cutest? That's how I filled out MY All-Star ballots.