Monday, June 18, 2007

American League All-Star Team

There are less than 2 weeks left to vote in this year's All-Star ends Thursday, June I figure this is the best time to give my selections for this year's 30 man I am focusing on the American League and tomorrow it will be the National are my starters....

Catcher - Jorge Posada, New York - he is one of the leaders in hitting (.349, 8, 41)
First base - David Ortiz, Boston - even though Papi is usually a D.H. he gets the nod here (.332, 11, 42)
Second base - Placido Polanco, Detroit - how can you deny a guy hitting over .340 (.345, 1, 33)
Third base - Alex Rodriguez, New York - he is having a monster year (.306, 25, 68)
Shortstop - Derek Jeter, New York - he is up there in average, hits, and leadership (.335, 4, 31)
Outfield - Magglio Ordonez, Detroit (photo) - Mags is up there with A-Rod for MVP (.365, 13, 61)
Outfield - Ichiro, Seattle - this guys never slows down (.342, 5, 32, 25 sb)
Outfield - Vlad Guerrero, Anaheim - every year he is predicted to slow down because of injuries - yeh right (.333, 12, 61)
Starting pitcher - Chi Chi Sabathia, Cleveland - fans don't pick pitchers but he would be my man to start (9-2, 3.19, 96)

Now for the reserves.....
Catcher - Pudge Rodriguez, Detroit (.300, 7, 39)
Second base - Brian Roberts, Baltimore (.306, 2, 17, 22 sb)
Second base - B.J. Upton, Tampa Bay (.320, 9, 31)
Third/First base - Kevin Youkilis, Boston (.329, 8, 33)
Shortstop - Orlando Cabrera, Anaheim (.336, 3, 37)
Outfield - Torii Hunter, Minnesota (.312, 14, 54)
Outfield - Alex Rios, Toronto (.292, 15, 39)
Outfield - Grady Sizemore, Cleveland (.286, 11, 32, 20 sb)

Johan Santana, Minnesota (L) (6-6, 3.19, 105Ks)
Brian Bannister, Kansas City (R) (3-3, 2.91, 28)
Dan Haren, Oakland (R) (8-2, 1.64, 84)
Chad Gaudin, Oakland, (R) (6-1, 2.85, 53)
Erik Bedard, Baltimore (L) (4-4, 3.64, 112)
James Shields, Tampa Bay (R) (6-1, 3.30, 85)
John Lackey, Anaheim (R) (10-4, 2.53, 71)
Justin Verlander, Detroit (R) (7-2, 2.79, 68)
Josh Beckett, Boston (R) (9-1, 3.39, 68)
Akinori Otsuka, Texas (R) (1-1, 2.10, 4 saves)
Francisco Rodriguez, Anaheim (R) (0-2, 2.51, 21 saves)
J.J. Putz, Seattle (R) (0-0, 1.19, 19 saves) - photo
Bobby Jenks, Chicago (R) (2-2, 2.52, 17 saves)

Analysis - The All-Star team is comprised of 30 players, but it was still difficult to pick the most deserving....the most difficult part of selecting the pitching staff was to find quality southpaws after Sabathia.....the Orioles Eric Bedard made the team because he leads the A.L. in strikeouts and is a left-hander....Santana is not having a Santana-like year, but I needed another lefty...Andy Pettitte is deserving with his 2.93 era, but just missed out...some may wonder why Fausto Caromona did not make the team....he has more wins than Santana, but they both have similar ERAs - plus Santana has more strikeouts and is a southpaw...Texas and Kansas City do not deserve anyone on this team....I was going to take Mark Texiera as the Rangers representative but he is banged up....Kelvim Escobar and Jeremy Bonderman lost out because of the K.C. and Texas looks like A-Rod will have to play the entire game at third....Youkilis is a nice pick because he provides diversity being that he can play either third or first...

I know I went with 3 second basemen, but Roberts and Upton are truly deserving even though I could whack one of them from the team because I have a Baltimore and Tampa representative also on the pitching staff.....many people do not realize that James Shields is throwing some solid ball down in the Sunshine State for the D-Rays.....the last spot was between Grady Sizemore, Manny Ramirez, Joe Mauer, and Mike Lowell....the nod went to Sizemore because he can hit and has speed if needed late in the game....

Note - Statistics were based on Saturday, June 16th

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No Fausto Carmona, or V-Mart? Don't be afraid to be a homer!