Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . Stan McNeal of The Sporting News about baseball

Today's Five Good Questions is with Stan McNeal of The Sporting News.....Stan has been a managing editor at The Sporting News since 2000, coordinating coverage of major league baseball and the NBA...before coming to The Sporting News, Stan worked at newspapers in San Diego and Florida for more than 20 years......

Q1. Starting in the American League, what is wrong with the New York Yankees? If you were in charge, what would you do to try and revive the team this season?
What's wrong with the Yankees is what everyone thought would be wrong, their pitching. And during a recent stretch when they actually got strong pitching, their offense took a break. They're going to score but the rotation --- yes, there's been a lot of injuries --- isn't strong enough to win the division or a wild card. They did what they wanted in signing Clemens. He won't make them as good as the Red Sox or the second-place team in the Central.

Q2. So far, how would you rate Lou Piniella's job as skipper of the Cubs?
I think Lou's been fine. I thought he handled the Soriano situation right -- gave him a shot in center, let him gracefully move to left when it was clear it wasn't going to work out in center. I think the job has been tougher than Lou expected. But hey, it's the Cubs. Something always happens with the Cubs.

Q3. Do the Cleveland Indians have the staying power to win the A.L. Central? If so, how far can this team go in the playoffs?
Absolutely they can win the Central. So if they're the best team in the best division, they should do OK in October as well. The Red Sox have a big edge in playoff experience, though. Fausto Carmona is becoming a star. Torii Hunter told me recently (after Carmona dominated the Twins) that Carmona is every bit as talented as Francisco Liriano. Put Carmona with C.C., Lee and Westbrook and the Indians have as deep a rotation as the Tigers. Grady Sizemore (photo) is quickly becoming known as one of the game's best young players and the one-two combo of Pronk and Victor Martinez is right there with Sheffield and Ordonez of the Tigers.

Q4. Who are some of the big name players who may get traded during the season and where could they end up?
I think the Rangers would be wise to trade Mark Teixeira for starting pitching. I think the Tigers and Angels have a solid starter to spare. The Rangers have a few others --- Kenny Lofton, Eric Gagne, maybe even Sammy Sosa --- who could be moved when the team decides to start focusing on 2008.

Q5. I have to ask, what is your opinion about Barry Bonds and "The Record"?
I believe the storylines as we near the record are what I expected and frankly, what they should be. The media is not out to get Bonds. Bonds has brought this on himself with his actions over past years. It's not realistic to think his past would be forgotten and there would be nothing but happy stories as he nears the most celebrated record in American sports....

I want to thank Stan for his time....I know he is a busy person working for a national publication like The Sporting News...

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