Friday, March 30, 2007

Five Good Questions with . . . David Andriesen of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Today’s segment of "Five Good Questions with . . . " is with Seattle Mariners beat reporter David Andriesen of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.....
Q1. With a history of erratic pitching, which Jeff Weaver did the Mariners sign, the one who pitched for the Cardinals in the World Series or the one who was cut by the Angels?
My first thought when they made that signing was, "Do they really not feel like they already have someone in the organization who can go out and lose 14 games next year -- and for the major league minimum instead of $8 million-plus?" But the Mariners are convinced he turned the corner when he was traded to St. Louis in the middle of last season. In talking with Jeff, it sounds like he really did get bogged down trying to make too many adjustments with the Angels and a lot of his problems were mental. He has not had a good spring, however, and will be the most expensive No. 5 starter in baseball.
Q2. The Mariners have almost $26 million tied up in their two corner infielders, Sexson and Beltre. Which of those two players do you think could be traded during the season if the Mariners fall out of contention?
Sexson is thought to be the more likely trade bait of the two. He doesn't hit for average but does hit a ton of home runs (just not in critical situations), which makes him appealing to other teams, especially someone with a smaller ballpark. The Mariners have several other options at first base, including Ben Broussard, who's on the bench but started for the Indians a year ago. Beltre brings the added dimension of terrific defense at a difficult position, and there is no obvious heir to third base in the organization.
Q3. Pitcher Mark Lowe was impressive last season with his fastball. How are the Mariners going to utilize him?
Mark's season ended prematurely with an elbow injury that has required two operations. He isn't expected back before midseason, and everyone will be holding their breath to see whether he comes back with the same stuff.
Q4. Will manager Mike Hargrove make it through this season?
Not unless they win and stay in the hunt for the division. The owner declared this winter that both Hargrove and GM Bill Bavasi are "on the hot seat," and the team brought in manager-in-waiting John McLaren, the No. 2 man behind Lou Piniella during Seattle's best years, as bench coach. If this team comes out of the gate 7-22 or something, Grover is probably history.
Q5. Who is the best minor league player coming up for the Mariners and when will he make it to The Show?
Baseball America says it's outfielder Adam Jones, a converted shortstop who is still learning to play center field and didn't hit in a major league stint last year. They need him to be ready to take over in case they trade Ichiro at the trading deadline or lose him after the season (he's in the last year of his contract with talks at a standstill). Last year's first-round draft pick, right-hander Brandon Morrow, absolutely blew everyone away this spring and it looks like he's going to make the team as a reliever despite having only a handful of minor league games under his belt.

I want to thank David Andriesen for taking the time to is much appreciated!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am a long-time reader of this blog and I think these five questions are a great new feature. Hope you continue it. I am a bigger football fan, though, so I am looking forward to you talking to reporters about the NFL draft and the college football season.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

nicely done!

hargrove is soooo gone!

Mini Me said...

very nice interview!