Saturday, January 14, 2006

Divisional Predictions

Hopefully this weekend’s playoff games are better than last weekend....the only game that was close throughout was the Washington-Tampa Bay game.....

Washington @ Seattle (-9.5) - the Redskins are the hottest team in the league right now despite racking up only 128 yards of total offense against the Bucs last weekend....the Skins are heading into hostile territory today....those people up in Starbucks land can really make some noise....Washington should be commended for not quitting during the year which resulted in a playoff berth....but they are up against too much today....the Seahawks will not lose this game - Seattle 27-13

New England @ Denver (-3.5) - this is an even game....the Broncos are favorite because of the homefield advantage....the Patriots are playing good ball right now....and honestly, I would like to see them win and play either the Colts or Steelers next week.....look for New England to have this game in hand, but somehow the Broncos will win it in the end - Denver 21-20

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis (-9.5) - if there is any upset this weekend, I could see the Steelers being the team to do it because of their defense....if that upset is going to happen, the defense has to be physical and knock around Peyton Manning and throw Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne off their routes....the Steelers will need to disrupt the timing of the Colts well-oiled offense....and I think it could happen – but in the end it won’t happen - Colts 27-16

Carolina @ Chicago (-2.5) - about five years ago, the Bears had a home playoff game against the Eagles only to lay an egg.....something tells me this could happen again because they are relying on their defense so much.....the Panthers offense can put points on the board a little better than the Bears offense....I think the first team to score 17 points will win this game - Chicago 20-14


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