Monday, April 25, 2005

Rundown on Browns draft picks

Here are some snippets of what Mel Kiper wrote about the 8 players the Browns selected:

Braylon Edwards, Michigan, wr - I compare his game to a big time homerun hitter in baseball; while you get the long ball, there are also a few strikeouts that come with them . . . in Edwards case you sacrifice a drop every now and then for his overall talent and tremendouse big play. game-changing ability

Brodney Pool, Oklahoma, s - Pool has the overall package of skills you look for in a free safety . . . last year Pool wasn't able to deliver the big play type of performances . . . qualifies as a good, not a great pro prospect

Charlie Frye, Akron, qb - Frye has a knack for making the best of whatever situation he's thrust in to . . . while he won't necessarily turn heads in practice, when you combine his skill level with his tremendous desire and competitive spirit, it's easy to see why he almost singlehandedly elevated the Zips to a bowl game . . .

Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma, cb - Perkins has ability in the secondary, but it's on special teams where he presents outstanding value with his superior punt return ability

David McMillan, Kansas, de - If he can align his football skills with his athletic ability, McMillan has a chance to be a nice prospect at the next level

Nick Speegle, New Mexico, olb - no data written about him - was ranked 34th best at his position

Andrew Hoffman, Virginia, dt - no data written about him - was ranked 20th best at his position

Jon Dunn, Virginia Tech, ot - no data written about him - was ranked 24th best at his position

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